May 25, 2021

BBP 120 - Kristina Schostak / Left Hand Brewing

BBP 120 - Kristina Schostak / Left Hand Brewing
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This week “The Legendary Brew Crew bring Kristina Schostak, Communications Manager for Left Hand Brewing Co. to the virtual happy hour. They talk about Kristina’s transition from the wine industry to craft beer and how she got to Colorado. They also discuss Left Hand Brewing’s beers, branding facelift and the return of their events in the near future. Kristina also talks about the nonprofit arm of Left Hand and the impact they seek to make in the community. With the ongoing fallout and dialogue spurred by the social media movement where women shared their experience facing sexual harassment in the craft beer, Kristina shares her personal story and what breweries can do to not just pay lip service to the issue. This episode features beer from LeftHand Brewing. Grab a drink and Pull up a Chair.