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Fun, playful, lighthearted - love the vibe of this show!

Become a brew pro

I found myself listening to several episodes in a row because because the host and guests LOVE what they do! While not a massive beer fan I feel like this pod might make me a beer nerd! Already shared with my beer loving family xx~LL

Finally reviewing

I’ve been a fan forever and I’m finally reviewing. Sorry I’m so late. Keep doing what you’re doing for the beer culture. Your podcast rocks and I love binging on long drives!!

Simply Amazing

Non-stop fun and laughter. Great people having a good time over beer! Once you start an episode you can’t stop. If you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for?


You guys are great!! Keep the laughs and reviews coming!!

Love it!

My Favorite Podcast!! Beer & Hot Topics, yes please!!

Keep growing!

As always, enjoyed the show fellas. 👍🏾 Keeping growing the podcast.

Favorite Beer Podcast

I love this podcast even though I’m a super light weight. It’s funny and informative. These guys are true beer influencers. It’s a must listen.


I love this podcast! I’m not a beer drinker but this podcast is very enlightening... maybe I’ll try one soon! The conversations often make me laugh out loud! Keep the great content coming!

Love it!

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work fellas!!


Refreshing podcast from intelligent black men having a good time over brews. 5stars !!!!!


Excellent, enlightening podcast.