April 14, 2020

BBP 66 - Social Distancing Series - Fun at the BBP vol. 2

BBP 66 - Social Distancing Series - Fun at the BBP vol. 2
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This week “The Legendary Brew Crew bring more guest to the social distancing virtual happy hour. Co-Owner of Global Recording Group, Allen Stokes (@arigold215), Technology Professional & DMV Ambassador of Black Bourbon Society, Harlan Roberts (@drobbm) and 1/2 of Pour of Baltimore, Phin C.(@pourofbaltimore) join the fellas and talk independent music, exotic foods, travel and craft beer. They also play “Black Card Revoked” and Name That 90’s Hip-Hop. In this episode they feature beers from Bellefonte Brewery, New Belgium , Left Hand Brewery, Neshaminy Creek Brewing , Dogfish Head, Peabody Heights, and Pariah Brewing. Grab a Drink and Pull Up a Chair! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/brewsingbanter/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brewsingbanter/support